What is Pop Music

Pop music is the effect of popular culture on music. It is a type of music consumed by the majority of people. From the mid-twentieth century to the 1940s, the concept of pop music began to form.


Pop music is influenced by other music, rock, jazz, hip hop. It is also divided into various branches. These; classic pop, arabesque pop, turkish pop music. Classic pop music singers and pop music groups, which spread their roots in America and England, began to rest all over the world. It is quickly produced and consumed by the influence of the classic pop television and radio, which also has its own unique dance figures. The next year those songs are not remembered, forgotten or out of fashion

The most striking feature of this music is that it is easy to be memorized by giving importance to choricle. It consists of most moving songs. The words are more than simple and repetitive. From the moment the song is released, it reaches the masses quickly. That song is popular everywhere will be played. It is the type of music that carries commercial anxiety the most. There are a lot of aspects separated from other branches of music. Word, music, composition are straight forward. The feeling to be given is the same in all songs. The theme of love, love, separation, longing is handled.

Clips, concerts and stage shows are important for pop music. Nuances such as dances, visual shows, clothes, marginality are enhanced by pop music. The competition between singers is an external appearance rather than a song. The stage shows Madonna has prepared for her concerts. Hande Yener and Demet Akalın are more interested in the clothes they wear. Fans of the listener imitate them.

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