Oh yeah, boy, they’re talking to you for 20 years.

In 1998, the songwriter Kandi Burruss – R&B, Xscape, from time to time, travelled to Atlanta with a girlfriend. In the car Burruss was playing the tracks he had taken from another songwriter Kevin ‘she’kspere’ Briggs a few days ago.

Burruss says, “no lyrics, no melody, just music.” “I always like to listen to the tracks in my car, because I find my best ideas when I drive.”

As Burruss said, he and his friend were also doing trash cans with the guys they dated. “So I started freestylin ‘on the track,” he says. “I also said,” a man who thinks he’s flying a brush, and also known as a bust, always talks about what he wants, and only sits on his fat ass . ” ”

He knew there was something out there. For a title, he remembered something he scribbled in his notebook when he was writing a song. The phrase “No Scrubs” came from a term that was popular in Atlanta at the time; for a man without purpose, without hope, without cruelty.

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