Hear Weeze’s Surprise New Album Covers

Weezer made his fans a cover collection this morning. In his self-titled “teal” album, members of the band dressed like a Miami Vice plaster around 1985, and most of the collection is a tribute to the ’80s, including the cover of the cult favorite of Africa, the unstoppable hit of Weaver’s Toto. But in the album Black Sabbath’s paranoid, TLC’s No Scrubs, and Ben E. There’s also a version of King called” Stand By Me.”

As weeper recreates the “by” of Africa, songs in the “Teal” album are almost identical versions of The Originals – The Voice of Rivers Cuomo is the only sign that you don’t listen to real bands first. he wrote the tracks. Guitarist Brian Bell vocalized on “Paranoid” and gave the Ozzy Osbourne impression.

The surprise drop came in front of Weezer’s upcoming Black Album on March 1 in Atlantic Records.

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