Beyond ‘Shallow’: A Look at the Oscars

There were some surprises in this year’s 2019 Oscar nomination, but for the people who care about the Best Original Song category, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper were sure to cut “shallow” from A Star Is Born.

In addition to Gaga’s other songs in this year’s Category: “All The Stars” from Black Panther from Kendrick Lamar and SZA, “Emily Blunt” from Mary Poppins, “where the missing things will go,” when a cowboy receives his Spurs, ” for wings “from” David Rawlings and Gillian Welch, ” and “Buster Scruggs ballad” from RGB documentary written by Diane Warren and written by Jennifer Hudson.” However, despite fierce competition, NPR believes that music’s Stephen Thompson “Sy” is the most preferred pre-runner in the nomination pool this year.

Thompson says, “this is a real movie show.” “And it’s actually a good example of an original song in a movie that is integrated into the film where the film appears.”

Thompson explained that it was difficult to decide what a song would win, but he realized that many of the Best Original Song winners have been in the movies over the years, though not necessarily.

When it comes to the songs that are clogged in this category? Thompson, “he may have filled an area” with songs he wanted to see nominated, netde’s “grand unknown” Widows, “Girls films” by citing Netflix Dumplin Dolly Parton, he said. and you’re tired of disturbing Thompson’s favorite “OYAHYTT” of the coup .

The 91-year Academy Awards take place in Los Angeles on Sunday, February 24.

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