Beirut’s Zach Condon Escapes to Find Focus

Beirut took refuge in rural Italy to record her first album in four years. The genre-crushing band’s newest album , Gallipoli, is now loyal to the group’s signature voice. It’s all a mix of instruments connected together in a unique, almost unforgettable voice.

Zach Condon, the band leader of Beirut, spoke with Scott Simon of the NPR about inspiration from the city to the city, the emphasis of music on lyrics and more. Listen to your conversations on the audio connection and continue reading for a summary of the interview.

Important Points Of Interview
How to use location names in song and album titles

Gallipoli is the island of this medieval city on the shores of Italy. The studio is about an hour away and we visited from time to time while taking short breaks. I don’t know what the city name is. It’s almost psycho-analysis. I have a theory, but I don’t have a very good answer.

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