African Music Legend Oliver ‘Tuku’ Mtukudzi Died At The Age Of 66

On September 22, 1952, Oliver Mtukudzi, known as Tuku for his fans in Zimbabwe’s crowded Highfield suburb, died on Wednesday at a clinic in Harare, where he suffered complications related to diabetes. The news has been confirmed by superstar spokeswoman Walter Wanyanya. Mtukudzi was 66 years old.

In 1977, Mtukudzi began his musical career singing with Thomas Mapfumo, Another Zimbabwe superstar in the Wagon Wheels group. From a tweet Mtukudzi death news, Mapfumo “Zimbabwe in a dark cloud and onto the cursor.”The current president of Zimbabwe writes, as well as the Mtukudzi voice of his country of writing memorialized Mtukudzi and “said goodbye to a true patriot” he gave us comfort in difficult times.”

However, the patriotism of Mtukudzi was not always accepted.

When the black Zimbabweans carried out an armed resistance against the white minority administration, Mtukudzi suddenly stepped forward in the late ‘ 70s. After Zimbabwe gained independence from England in 1980, Mtukudzi and his friends wrote several songs celebrating the independence of the country, among them “Zimbabwe”. Shortly after the independence of Zimbabwe , Africa’s first album, Mtukudzi, credited to Oliver and the Black Spirits, gave two hits: Madzongonyedze and “Zimbabwe”.

In his work in 2009, Mtukudzi said, “I learned to praise songs like most artists at the time because it was time to celebrate rightly.”

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